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Common nursing injuries

Nursing is an admirable career. Nurses work hard and serve people every day, but due to this, they are particularly susceptible to injuries. Ironically, many nurses are at risk of becoming patients themselves. There are many injuries a nurse could suffer from due to performing their daily duties and tasks, leading to expensive hospital bills and unwanted time off of work.


Dangers delivery drivers face during fall holidays

Whether you are taking a pizza or a package to customer, a delivery job can have several hazards attached to it that many residents do not realize. Given how motor vehicle accidents continue to be a high cause of fatalities throughout the nation, workers who primarily drive on the clock are at risk of the various obstacles you can find on the highway and neighborhood roads.

However, these risks are arguably at their worst during the fall and holiday season. Pizza chains have the busiest nights around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Package drivers are beginning to ship Christmas gifts everyone is purchasing online. As the sales and requests go up, so does the chance for a delivery driver getting in a serious accident. Before you head out on the road, you need to keep the following safety precautions in mind as you make your delivery:

Do you suffer from PTSD from a work-related incident?

You have undoubtedly heard the term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when referring to members of the military returning home after a deployment. However, PTSD is not a condition that can only effect members of the military. Because PTSD is a mental disorder caused by a frightening or overwhelming experience, it can also be caused at certain stressful workplaces.

PTSD can be caused from such professions as firefighter, law enforcement officer or ambulance personnel. It can happen when workers experience an event that is unexpected and the worker has the feeling they are powerless to change or stop it. Usually PTSD happens after witnessing a death or a tragic scenario such as an amputation or devastating injury.

Early signs that you may have spinal cord injury

Whether it is after an accident at the construction site, a motor vehicle crash or through old age, spinal cord injuries are catastrophic conditions that require immediate attention to prevent it from becoming a lifelong difficulty.

Unfortunately to most Arizona citizens, it might not be obvious right away that they are suffering from the damage. Spinal cord injuries impact internal bodily functions, so they can remain hidden for a potentially long amount of time. If you had a recent accident that you believe caused major damage to your spine, you need to look out for some of these symptoms so you can receive medical treatment as soon as you can.

Time is an important factor in workers’ compensation cases

Workplace injuries still happen far too frequently in Arizona due to workplace hazards or commonplace accidents. Workers can take proactive measures to prepare for the possibility of a future injury claim by learning some of the steps in a workers’ compensation claim process.

Time is a major factor in any workers’ compensation injury claim. The time it takes to report a claim, get treatment, retain legal counsel, process a claim; the process can drag on for far too long depending on the actions of each party involved. As the injured person, timeliness is one of your greatest allies in a workers’ compensation claim process.

Taking precautions at a construction site

While being a construction worker can be very beneficial towards your family and community, it is no secret that the job has far more safety hazards than many career paths. There are numerous incidents or injuries that could occur that would impair your ability to work and cost you thousands in medical bills. It is imperative that you take as many measures as you can to ensure your personal safety.

Staying hydrated while working outside

No matter what your workplace looks like, the summer heat in Arizona presents an increased need for staying hydrated. There’s no shortage of articles and reports about the importance of staying hydrated. Especially in the summer.

Providing safe drinking water for employees is not just a nice thing for employers to do. It’s a requirement.

You don’t have to be working at heights to suffer a serious fall

From construction, to manufacturing, to health care, falls are a serious danger in a wide range of workplaces. When it comes to dangerous falls, a lot of attention goes to falls from heights. This is unsurprising, as such falls can lead to especially serious injuries and are responsible for hundreds of workplace deaths a year. However, it is important to remember that a fall doesn’t need to be from heights to cause you significant harm.

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