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Workers' compensation is ALL we do. And we do it well.

Our lawyers are Certified Workers' Compensation Specialists by the State Bar of Arizona. When you are injured on the job, can’t work and are seeking medical treatment, you need an attorney. Getting a check in the mail for workers’ compensation benefits you’re owed shouldn’t be difficult. But the reality is employers and insurance companies often make injured workers jump through hoops. Delayed tactics, denied claims, and lower settlements are common.

We’re here to help set the record straight. We will get you the maximum benefits to cover your medicall bills, lost wages, and every benefit you are entitled to under Arizona law.

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    Helping You Get The Workers' Compensation Benefits You Deserve

    For those injured on the job, life immediately changes. Now life is uncertain and filled with hardship. You are hurt, scared and broke. Your injury, pain and disability is now accompanied by the loss of your paycheck. Bills pile up - where do you turn? Workers' compensation in Arizona provides coverage to help injured workers get back on their feet and return to work. Workers' compensation injuries impact not only the injured worker, but the entire family.

    At the Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski, we understand the injured worker. For 45 years, our workmans' comp lawyers have provided timely, dedicated representation to thousands of severely injured workers across Arizona. We have offices in Phoenix, Kingman, Payson and Yuma. We can help you.

    Insurance companies will deny or dispute claims for all sorts of reasons, making your situation worse. You will be at a disadvantage in dealing with the insurance company's attorney. Without a lawyer on your side, you will most likely lose your case. Workers' Compensation law should be simple, but it is not. You need a skilled, dedicated attorney who will fight for you.

    There is no initial consultation fee to discuss your on-the-job injury case with an attorney at our firm and no upfront fees if you hire us to represent you. (FREE first visit!) Under our contingency fee arrangement, you pay only if we are successful in obtaining benefits for you. "It costs no more to have the best."

    Why Hire a Certified Specialist?

    Hiring a board-certified specialist helps to ensure that your lawyer is recognized as proficient in the legal specialty field of need. You will receive quality legal representation.

    If you can't work due to an on-the-job injury, we offer the experience you need to get the medical care and compensation you are due. Workers' compensation is all we do, and we do it well. Lawyers across Arizona and the United States confidently refer their cases to the Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski.

    We know what it's like to deal with an injury or illness while at the same time fighting for compensation and access to medical treatment. Our lawyers will act as your advocate throughout the entire workers' compensation claims process, including litigation of a disputed or denied case.

    Why hire us to handle your workers' compensation claim?

    If you were injured while working and are having difficulties with your employer's insurance company — or if you are having difficulties understanding the Arizona workers' compensation process, then you need an experienced attorney by your side.

    Attorneys Robert Wisniewski and Javier Grajeda have represented thousands of injured workers over the last three decades to help protect the rights of injured Arizona workers. We are all Certified Workers' Compensation Specialists with the skills and experience to work to your advantage in Arizona workers' compensation claims.

    Case Results

    Bob Wisniewski gets dismissed benefits restored

    When representing himself, the client failed to attend his hearing at the Industrial Commission of Arizona, causing his benefits to be dismissed and leaving him with nothing. He then hired our firm. We were able to get the dismissal set aside and litigate the claim, which resulted in a full total permanent disability benefit.

    Bob Wisniewski wins appeals case

    Bob Wisniewski wins in Arizona’s Court of Appeals, yet again. In a hotly contested case, Wisniewski secured a favorable award for his client for loss of earning capacity benefits. The insurance company appealed, arguing that the treating psychiatrist didn’t have a "foundation" to offer an opinion on work restrictions. The Court of Appeals disagreed and ruled in favor of the injured worker.

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    When should I file a workers' compensation claim?

    Any injury suffered while at work should be reported. You should never feel like you must wait to see if the seriousness of the injury changes or feel like it shouldn’t be reported because the injury was your fault. The Arizona Workers' Compensation Act requires that workers "forthwith report" an injury that occurs at work to their employer. Report the injury to your boss or supervisor, and make sure the report is immediately completed. Don’t "wait until Monday" to file your report.

    Arizona's workers’ compensation law is a "no fault" system. This means that it doesn’t matter if you were to blame for the accident or if you placed yourself in a harmful situation while at work. Regardless of fault, you may still have a compensable workers' compensation claim and your injury should be reported. If you don’t immediately report your injury, it could increase the likelihood of your employer's insurance company denying liability for your injuries.

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    Arizona workers' compensation guide

    Everything an injured worker needs to know

    Injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation as long as they were hurt on the job. We handle work injury claims throughout Arizona. Talk to our Phoenix injury lawyers.

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    What is the statute of limitations for Arizona workers’ compensation claims?

    Arizona’s workers’ compensation statute of limitations requires an injured worker to report his or her work-related injury within 1 year from the date of injury.

    If the worker doesn’t file a claim before the 1 year deadline, he or she may forfeit their right to receive compensation.

    More on reporting work injury deadlines

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    If you can't work and need medical treatment, you will be needing us. If you deal with the insurance company on your own, you will be at a disadvantage.

    Insurance companies have an attorney. Without a lawyer by your side, you will most likely lose your case.

    Mr. Wisniewski knows what the insurance companies do and what is needed to win your case. Call 602-234-3700 (toll free 800-224-3220 in Arizona) or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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    Mr. Wisniewski has been recognized as the premier workers' compensation lawyer in Arizona. He is the only claimants' attorney recognized as a Fellow of The College of Workers' Compensation.

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