Helping Injured Workers Find A New Doctor

Injuries suffered in the workplace can seriously affect your health, well-being and future earning potential. An examination by a licensed physician is critical to determining the extent of your injuries and assessing treatment. Sometimes though, the patient-doctor relationship breaks down and leads to frustrating interactions. At the Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski, we can help you find a qualified physician who has maintained a good professional relationship with our clients and our office.

Beginning The Process — Understanding Your Employer's Insurance Status

If you are injured on the job in Arizona and your employer is not self-insured, they are permitted to have your injury initially examined by a doctor of their choice. However, you may be able to select a different doctor for all subsequent visits related to your injury. Self-insured employers may mandate that you are examined by one of their contracted doctors for all visits related to your workplace injury.

Regardless of your employer's insurance status, you may have the right to elect to change doctors. Our team takes pride in locating excellent doctors for all of our clients to make sure their workplace injuries are accurately documented and they receive the benefits they deserve.

Changing Doctors In Arizona — Let Our Team Help You Submit A Request

You may change doctors during the course of examination and treatment for work-related injuries under the following conditions:

  • The Industrial Commission of Arizona grants your written request to change doctors.
  • Your current doctor refers you to another doctor or specialist.
  • Your insurance company approves your request to change doctors.

Let our attorneys advise you on the appeals process to ensure your right to change doctors is protected.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation With An Experienced Lawyer

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