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Dangers delivery drivers face during fall holidays

Whether you are taking a pizza or a package to customer, a delivery job can have several hazards attached to it that many residents do not realize. Given how motor vehicle accidents continue to be a high cause of fatalities throughout the nation, workers who primarily drive on the clock are at risk of the various obstacles you can find on the highway and neighborhood roads.

However, these risks are arguably at their worst during the fall and holiday season. Pizza chains have the busiest nights around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Package drivers are beginning to ship Christmas gifts everyone is purchasing online. As the sales and requests go up, so does the chance for a delivery driver getting in a serious accident. Before you head out on the road, you need to keep the following safety precautions in mind as you make your delivery:

Attack from customer or criminal

The chances for property damage and various crimes dramatically increase on Halloween night. Unfortunately, there are a number of drivers every year who are robbed or assaulted by customers or nearby criminals. Companies encourage drivers to be aware of any suspicious surroundings such as abandoned or dimly lit areas and to park as close to the destination as they legally can to get to their car quickly in an emergency.

Darker nights

While Arizona is one of only two states that does not commit to daylight savings, more delivery drivers will still have to deal with the earlier sunsets as the end of the year approaches. This means less visibility, a higher chance of deer crashes and more fatigue than in the summer months. Halloween will feature especially dangerous night driving as pizza delivery workers will have to keep their headlights bright to spot any children roaming the streets.

More traffic

The last two months of the year feature the busiest holidays with heavy amounts of traffic and a high body count. Thanksgiving and Christmas week features thousands of citizens traveling to visit relatives or vacation spots for the holidays, so you have to warn your customer of any potential delays the delivery could face and avoid speeding on the roads to minimize the time. These weeks feature the most reckless, drunk and inexperienced motorists all on the same roads, so you need to drive as carefully as you can while making your delivery.

If you receive any damages from an accident associated with any of these hazards while driving, the state of Arizona requires companies to have workers’ compensation available to help workers recover from any injuries on the job. If you face any difficulties in the process, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you acquire what you need to properly heal from the traumatic experience.

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