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When is a car accident covered by workers’ compensation?

Commuting back and forth from work usually comes out of our pocketbook. We pay for our car, gas and insurance. But what happens if you’re completing a duty for work, and it results in a car accident? Who is covering you then?

Workers’ compensation covers a variety of work-related injuries. It’s important to remember that if you were doing something on behalf of your employer, you should be eligible for compensation.

Here are a few examples in which you would be covered by workers’ compensation:

  1. Making deliveries. Some jobs require more driving than others. Maybe you make deliveries for your employer on a regular basis, or they needed extra help bringing over products to a client. Driving a company-owned truck or car is also grounds for workers’ compensation.
  2. Calling on a customer. Travel often happens for a job, especially when dealing with clients off-site. You may be on the road, going to and from meetings during the day. You’re doing this for the benefit of your employer.
  3. Driving to a company event. Company-hosted parties, tournaments and grill-outs are all considered company events. You might get into a car accident during the function.

Other scenarios

Many people are afraid to pursue workers’ compensation because they believe their injury was not work-related. But there are many unique situations. You could be heading to and from a company-sponsored banquet or over to the course for a round of golf with a client. There are many reasons why your injury should be covered by the employer’s insurance.

Arizona Revised Statute §23-901 protects any worker in the state who is serving an employer. Independent contractors are not usually covered, but if you are considered an employee, you can receive compensation and benefits in the wake of a work-related car accident.

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