Injured Undocumented Workers Have Rights

Undocumented workers are frequently employed in Arizona's agricultural and construction industries. These physically demanding jobs take a heavy toll on workers' health and can cause injuries. Undocumented workers are especially at risk due to a lack of affordable health care options.

If you do not have a green card and you have been injured in the workplace, your employer may tell you that you are not eligible for workers' compensation benefits. This is often not true. Speak to our attorneys at Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski to learn about your rights and to protect your future. We have a bilingual Spanish-speaking attorney here to help you. Call our Spanish-speaking team today!

Getting Medical And Income Benefits For Undocumented Workers

Do not rely on your employer or an insurance company to provide information related to your benefits. In many cases, as an undocumented worker, you may be entitled to some or all of the following coverage for medical costs incurred for treating job-related injuries:

  • Income benefits, including partial or total disability payments
  • Translation services from a licensed interpreter to help you fully understand your rights and accurately communicate the details of your injuries to a doctor
  • Transportation cost reimbursement for occasions when you are required to travel outside of the local area for medical appointments

As an undocumented worker, it is essential that you get straight answers and advice from an experienced, Spanish-speaking attorney. The laws surrounding workers' compensation for undocumented workers can be confusing. Do not allow an employer to deny your right to a claim. If you have been denied in the past, let our team protest your case for you. You owe it to yourself and your family to seek legal advice from a team that cares.

We will stand by your side to ensure you are not passing up medical or income benefits that you may deserve.

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If you are an undocumented worker and have suffered an on-the-job injury, please seek help. If injuries are left untreated, or you do not attempt to file a claim, you may suffer a disability that will prevent you from working and earning a living in the future. Protect yourself and your family's interests and call or email today for a free consultation with one of our lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski at 602-234-3700 (800-224-3220 toll free in Arizona). Our main law office is in Phoenix, and we handle workers' compensation claims throughout Arizona.