After the common cold, back injuries are the most common reason for losing time at work. Many workers in various fields are at risk of back injuries, including orderlies and nursing assistants, who suffer approximately three times more musculoskeletal injuries than construction workers. Back injuries can be incredibly severe and even when they aren’t, just the smallest amount of damage to the spinal cord can result in serious pain.

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries noted in AZ workers compensation claims. If you have sustained a back injury while working in the State of Arizona and are applying for AZ workers compensation, contact the law offices of Robert E. Wisniewski for legal assistance.

Causes of Back Injuries in the Workplace

Back injuries in the workplace can be sustained from a wide number of activities. Nursing assistants and doctors may suffer from back injuries after helping lift patients from beds or helping transfer patients from one hospital bed to another. Construction workers are also likely to suffer from back injuries should they experience a fall from a high point or attempt to lift heavy machinery.

Some other common causes of back injuries in the workplace are as follows:

  • Slips, trips, or falls
  • Remaining in a sitting position for an extended period of time
  • Twisting
  • Vibrations caused by operating heavy machinery
  • Lifting heavy objects or machinery
  • Overexertion

You may have a back injury if you experience back pain while bending at the waist, coughing, or sneezing. Additionally, a more serious injury may be in effect if your back pain is accompanied by a fever or numbness.

AZ Workers Compensation: When Is The Best Time To File?

Arizona employees are automatically eligible for workers comp under their employers, as all employers are required to have workers compensation insurance. If you have suffered from a back injury and are seeking medical treatment, inform your employer as soon as possible so they will be able to cover your medical expenses. Additionally, any travel expenses or wages lost due to medical appointments will be reimbursed to you from your employer’s insurance.

Even in the event that the injury may have been your own responsibility, if the injury was sustained during work hours you are eligible for coverage. If you require assistance with your workers compensation claims, consult a workers compensation attorney. Or in the event that your employer has denied you coverage, workers compensation lawyers can help you receive the benefits and coverage you need.