There are a myriad of ways people can get hurt at work. Every day, people slip and fall, get exposed to hazardous materials, or strain their backs lifting heavy equipment. If such an accident happens to you, or you find yourself in a similar situation, then you may be entitled to workers compensation.

Yet, many people don’t actually pursue workers compensation despite all of its benefits, because they don’t know how many different expenses it can pay for, or how much it can cover. Here are a few types of workers compensation benefits that you may be entitled to, without even knowing it.


Workers compensation can compensate for wages that you might lose while your work-related illness or injury has you laid up. There are four general categories for disability workers compensation — temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total, and permanent partial. Temporary total disability means that you can’t work at all, but only for a designated period of time, whereas total permanent means you can’t work that job ever again because of the injury. Temporary partial disability means your ability to work is only partially inhibited for a limited amount of time, while permanent partial disability means you’ll never be able to work in the full capacity that you could ever again.


Workers compensation can also pay for the therapeutic care that it’ll take for you to be able to fully recover and cope with your illness or injury. What’s more, workers compensation can also cover the training necessary to regain the same abilities and skills necessary to return to your career.

Medical Expenses.

The medical expenses that workers compensation can cover include–but are not limited to–the hospital expenses necessary to diagnose and treat the illness or injury. However, this kind of compensation varies according to each state’s law, but doctor visits, surgeries, and medications are generally covered.

If you get hurt at work, it’s well worth contacting one of your local workers compensation attorneys to discuss your case.

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