When handled properly, a workers compensation claim can offer the compensation that one requires to recover from an occupational injury or illness. Over recent years, the total amount of benefit payments made for these claims has steadily risen. Compensation payouts typically amount to 70% lost wages, with benefits making up the remaining 30%.

Given these statistics, the need for a workers compensation attorney for any claim is readily apparent. Here is a look at three things one of these lawyers can do that ordinary individuals can’t:

Ensure your workers compensation claim is properly filed

The biggest and most prominent advantage of choosing to work with a qualified workers compensation lawyer is that he or she will make sure your claim, or the first step in receiving workers compensation benefits, is filed properly. Oftentimes, there will be several sets of forms involved in a claim; furthermore, your state may have specific laws regarding claims that a workers compensation attorney will be uniquely qualified to handle.

File a lawsuit if necessary

On occasion, the benefits issued following the filing of a workers compensation claim aren’t sufficient to cover the cost of one’s injuries and lost wages. In this case, you would need to decide whether to continue with your claim or to file a lawsuit instead. It’s essential to have the help of a qualified workers compensation lawyer to help you decide which is the best option for your situation.

Help you explore other benefits

Some individuals who receive workers compensation benefits may also be eligible for disability benefits as a result of their injury or illness. Unemployment benefits may also be available to someone filing a claim. Any workers compensation attorney will be able to help you explore these other types of benefits and advise you on whether to pursue them or not, getting you the best possible outcome to help you recover from your workplace injury or illness.

It may seem like moving forward with a workers compensation claim without the help of a qualified lawyer will save you money. However, any money saved could cost you the success of your claim.