Getting hurt on the job is no joke, but the following examples of true workplace injuries may leave you a little unclear on that point. From biting coworkers, flying Barbie bicycles, and little mishaps around the office, these workers prove that accidents — and injuries — can happen anytime and anywhere.

Do Your Coworkers Bite?

You may laugh, but — for some — this is a very real concern. Sports players may not have coworkers in the traditional sense, but they do have teammates and opponents, and the recent World Cup made it perfectly clear that they should have concerns about them biting. During an unforgettable match broadcast all over the world, a Uruguay soccer player bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. The player from Uruguay, Luis Suarez, has since formally apologized and described the incident as a complete accident.

Cops Struck By Falling Barbie Bike

Four NYPD officers were attempting to defuse an incident in which shots had been fired when one of the perpetrators threw a child’s bicycle at them from a fifth-story balcony. “A cop had Tasered one of the alleged interlopers when the pink-and-purple bicycle with training wheels came plummeting at them,” the New York Postreports. However ridiculous the weapon may be, the policemen were seriously hurt, with a concussion, a forehead gash, and a lacerated arm among their injuries.

We Can’t Take You Anywhere

Strangely enough, the most common workplace injury around the office is falling. “Office workers are 2 to 2.5 times more likely to suffer a disabling injury from a fall than non-office workers,” according to the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Perhaps even more vexing, of all of these scenarios, workers tripping and falling in the office are the most likely to receive workers compensation. Workers compensation attorneys explain that the falls may possibly be blamed on external factors, such as wet floors or insufficient lighting. That may constitute sustaining a preventable injury or getting hurt on the job while on the job. Workers compensation covers lost wages, medical bills and related medical expenses, and sometimes, in the event of death, even pays loved ones bereavement fees.

You can get hurt on the job at any time — and the many ways you can get hurt may shock you.

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