Workers compensation is there to cover your medical expenses if you get hurt at work. It’s a financial safety net to most people, but, unfortunately, there are those out there who’d take advantage of it.

Typically, these nefarious folks aren’t masterminds. They surprisingly think that they can go right back to their regular business after “getting hurt at work” and collecting workers compensation settlements, as though their injuries never happened (because, well, they didn’t).

Even more surprising is the fact that it happens all the time. Here are a few recent cases of workers compensation that will leave you shaking your head.

A Broken Toe Can Walk in High Heels?

Shawna P. filed a workers compensation claim that said she was unable to work because of a fractured toe. Shortly after, YouTube footage of her competing in a beauty pageant surfaced, which showed her wearing high heels. Naturally, it’d be just about impossible to wear such shoes with a broken toe, so investigators booked her on three counts of defrauding an insurance company.

Two Minus One Equals Two?

A few years back, Michael L. concocted a “fool proof” workers compensation scam. He forged medical records and paperwork that said he’d lost his arm in a wood chipper. Not wanting to fully commit to the scam, Michael decided that sending in the paperwork was enough, opting to keep both arms. When his insurer caught the fraudulent claim, Michael had a hard time proving he’d had an arm amputated with two attached arms.

Can You Get PTSD From a Bank Robber If You’re the One Doing the Robbing?

Aurora B. was an assistant bank manager at a branch of Bank of America. She claimed to have developed PTSD after two men forced her to wear a fake bomb and give them money from the bank’s vaults. After an FBI investigation, Aurora was found to be a knowing and willing participant. So not only was she charged workers compensation fraud, but bank robbery and a slew of other charges as well.

If you claim you’ve been hurt on the job just so you can collect a nice big settlement, you’re going to get caught. If you have anything to say about these masterminds, or know of any other humorous cases of workers compensation fraud, feel free to share in the comments.

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