Workers’ compensation is an important part of keeping companies accountable and helping employees recover from serious accidents, but there are still a lot of strange cases that have been handled by workers compensation lawyers over the years. There were over 917,100 workers comp cases brought forth in 2013 alone, but these might just take the cake.

Loud Complaints Lead to Loss of Hearing?

In this case, the claimant worked for their employer for over 30 years in various customer relations positions. In the workers comp case, they claimed that 31 years of listening to loud complaints over the phone led to substantial hearing loss. While the claimant thought the argument was sound, the court did not — and the case was closed.

The Snake Wrangler

An Alabama truck driver was riding in a company-owned vehicle with coworkers when they came across a rattlesnake. Rather than run it over with the vehicle, the group decided to catch it. Unfortunately, one of the members of the group sustained a bite while trying to wrangle the snake. While the bite landed him in the ICU for over 30 days, it wasn’t actually part of his job description, which means his claim isn’t valid.

Riding the Escalator

One company’s retreat didn’t end so well for an office manager who tried to ride the moving escalator railing down rather than standing on the steps. Alcoholic drinks were provided before the retreat dinner started, which meant that “deviation from employment” could be cited as reason not to compensate the employee. However, the court found that the claim aligned with the company’s established rule that promised compensation for employees who were travelling.

Tug of War

Tug of war is typically a fun test of strength, but one Montana employee thought it would be a good idea to play that game with a pickup truck and a baling machine. Needless to say, they ended up sustaining severe injuries. However, because the claimant failed to notify their employer of a pre-existing condition that was aggravated by the accident, their claim wasn’t compensated.

Workers’ compensation claims can range from a simple slip and fall to severe accidents. Somewhere between on the wide spectrum lie these strange cases.