In 2013, American workers missed up to eight days of work on average due to occupational injuries. Suffering from an occupational injury isn’t fun for any worker and missed work often means missed pay, which isn’t good when you need to pay for medical expenses.

Fortunately, as long as the injury was sustained at the workplace you automatically qualify for workers compensation benefits under your employer’s insurance in the state of Arizona. However, the insurance company can still deny your claim if they find there isn’t enough evidence surrounding your injury. To reduce the risk of your claim being denied, follow these dos and don’ts regarding workers compensation claims.

    • Don’t: Wait on filing your claim. There’s a time limit surrounding the number of days you can delay filing your claim for workers compensation. The limit is anywhere between 30 to 90 days depending on your state which means it’s important to file as soon as possible to guarantee your medical coverage.
    • Do: Inform your employer of your injury immediately. By informing your employer of your occupational injury, they can appropriately contact their workers comp provider and handle any payroll documentation that may need to be provided. After you’ve informed your employer or supervisor of your injury and have sought treatment, immediately file for workers compensation in order to avoid any time limits that could impede your benefits.
    • Don’t: Try to handle your case by yourself. One of the biggest mistakes an employee can make during the workers compensation process is attempt to represent themselves in court. Having undergone an injury, you’re most likely not going to be up to your usual working speed. And because most Americans don’t have a background in law, you could easily miss important paperwork or evidence as well as due dates.
    • Do: Hire a worker compensation lawyer. A worker compensation lawyer understands what they’re doing and will be able to gather or deny evidence to further your case should your case come to court. A worker compensation lawyer arguing on your behalf will also be able to stay organized to keep your case on track.
    • Don’t: Ignore your doctor. Your aim as a hurt employee is to get better. Workers compensation is meant to compensate you for missed time at work due to an accident and the necessary recovery time. If you take longer to recover than other patients in the past suffering from the same injury, you may compromise your own workers compensation claim.
    • Do: Undergo necessary treatment such as physical therapy. Physical therapy can do wonders for an occupational injury and can help you return to your everyday life even if you’ve sustained a permanent injury. Physical therapists can show you exercises and stretches to regain mobility and to adapt yourself to a different lifestyle if necessary.

With any luck, these dos and don’ts regarding workers compensation claims will help you reduce the risk of your own claim being denied. Should your claim be denied, contact the law offices of Robert E. Wisniewski for a consultation today.