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According to a recent report by Pro Publica, an Arizona worker’s thumb is worth just $16,701, almost $7,000 less than the national average. The numbers refer to the average amount of money workers across the nation receive in workers compensation benefits, and Arizona consistently falls far behind the national average.

The numbers are enough to make many Arizona residents wonder how much their middle finger might be worth to the state government. In case you were wondering, it’s also $16,701.

In the ProPublica investigation, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes wrote that “Congress allows each state to determine its own benefits, with no federal minimums, so workers who live across state lines from each other can experience entirely different outcomes for identical injuries.”

That’s bad news for Arizona workers who’ve been injured on the job. The average Nevada worker would get $859,600 for a lost arm while an Arizona worker with the same injury would receive just $143,000 on average.

Workers compensation is a controversial topic in all 50 states, with worker advocates and labor unions often squaring off against business groups. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2010 National Compensation Survey found that workers compensation costs represented 1.6% of employer spending. In 2011, payments from workers compensation programs totaled $60.2 billion, a 3.4% increase from the $58.2 billion seen in 2010.

While some employers may not be happy about those figures, the fact is that state and federal workers compensation programs protect an estimated 125.8 million employees. Of course, not all workers are compensated equally.

That’s why it’s crucial for Arizona workers injured on the job to use every tool at their disposal to get the compensation they deserve. Many injured workers choose to hire Arizona workers compensation lawyers to help pursue their case.

If you’ve ever been through the bureaucratic challenges involved in a workers comp claim, then you know it can take a trained workers compensation attorney just to understand all the paperwork. Many people come away from the experience believing the process is designed to be difficult to filter people out.

In any case, workers compensation lawyers work hard to help Arizona workers get the protection they need after an injury. Not only can workers comp lawyers help you receive compensation for medical bills, but you can also receive benefits for lost wages and time off the job.