Small Businesses Use Video Surveillance to Weed Out Workers’ Comp Fraud

workers compensation lawyersBeing injured while on the job is alarmingly common for U.S. workers in nearly every industry. In fact, private sector employers reported a stunning 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses throughout 2013 alone.

However, not all workers are honest about their injuries — and as a result, instances of workers compensation fraud have been on the rise throughout recent years. Today, approximately one in 10 small business owners reports feeling concerned that one of their employees will commit workers compensation fraud.

According to, smaller businesses are now taking action against this fraud. A newly-released study reveals that nearly one in four small business owners have installed surveillance cameras to monitor their workers on the job.

These cameras have already begun to pay off. Over the last 18 months, employers in California have captured video footage of three different instances of workers staging their injuries.

While workers compensation claims make up just 1.6% of employer spending across the country, this percentage becomes much greater for smaller businesses with fewer than 100 employees. In 2011 alone, employers paid out $60.2 billion in workers compensation benefits — a huge sum. When combined with the cost of lost worker productivity from missed work days, this cost becomes even greater.

As a result, when small business employees seek out workers compensation lawyers, it takes a much larger toll on the employer’s finances. Workers compensation fraud can be even more devastating — especially because instances of fraud will cause workers comp premiums rise for the employer.

So the next time you seek out the help of workers compensation lawyers, be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons — as your employer is likely keeping an eye on you.

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