Have you been injured on the job?

If you answered “yes” to that question, you’re one of millions of Americans who deal with occupational illnesses and injuries each year. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were nearly three million non-fatal injuries in 2014 alone, all of which resulted in a median of nine missed days of work for employees.

Workers who require medical care and time away from work can apply for workers compensation, which is designed to pay 100% of medical costs for injured workers. It also provides them with benefits to cover their lost work time after a certain waiting period.

A number of incidents can lead to a workers compensation claim, including:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common reasons for injuries at work, with more than 200,000 of such injuries occurring per year. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. From a freshly-mopped floor to serious construction work outside a building, anything can cause a person to lose balance, possibly fall and face a devastating injury.

Industry-Specific Accidents

Construction sites are notorious for accidents, given the machinery and working conditions that employees face on a daily basis. However, research shows that nursing assistants and orderlies are three times as likely to face, back and musculo-skeletal injuries when compared with construction workers. No matter where you work, it’s vital to know the risks of the job, especially in the event that you are faced with an injury.

Employer Negligence

Did your employer fail to provide you with proper safety equipment for your job duties? If so, then filing a workers compensation claim is crucial, so you can get the medical care you deserve. Additionally, you may also need a lawyer to help you in the event that your employer tries to deny your claim or has caused you to suffer a permanent disability after your injury.

If you have faced any of these issues or other occupational hazards, it is imperative that you meet with an attorney to get information on Arizona workers compensation claims and regulations. Whether your claim is being disputed by an employer or you’re simply not sure how to begin the process, meeting with a lawyer will help you get the information on workers comp Arizona residents need.

If you face any of the above situations or others that are related to on-the-job injuries, be sure to speak to our Arizona workers compensation attorneys, so you can get back on the path to recovery.