workers compensation lawyers

Some people will joke and tell you that injuries on the job are an occupational hazard, but the truth is that with over 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries occurring in just one year, getting hurt at work is no joke. Not only that but suffering from a work-related injury isn’t as simple as taking a few days off, either. The process of receiving compensation for time away from work is a long, and sometimes complicated one that requires workers compensation lawyers. So if you’re injured as a result of workplace conditions and before you pass it off as nothing, there are a few things you should do.

Know what workers compensation covers.
Many people are under the impression that workers compensation only covers medical bills. While it does cover them, it can do much more. Not only can workers compensation take care of necessary medical bills, it may provide you with disability pay (typically about two-thirds of your regular salary) while you’re away from work, as well as pay for rehabilitation, retraining, and other expenses. For more information, you can refer to your company’s policies or contact a workers compensation lawyer.

Document everything about your injury.
Details are your friends in any kind of work-related injury. In order to have adequate documentation, you should make sure to take photos of the location where the injury happened, make copies of any medical reports, and collect eyewitness accounts. This kind of documentation can help prevent your claim from being falsified, as well as serve as evidence if your case gets taken to court. The more detailed your account, the better!

Don’t wait to hire workers comp lawyers.
The minute you’re able to access a computer or phone after your injury, look up workers compensation lawyers. Not only can they help you get the compensation you need, they can help you understand the process and how to navigate the tricky legal waters of workers compensation. If you have any questions at all, a workers compensation lawyer can help you answer them. In addition, if your case gets complicated, waste absolutely no time contacting a lawyer. The sooner you can put this behind you and be on your way to recovery and compensation, the better.

Communicate with your co-workers.
The more people who know about your injury, the better. Not only will the company have a more difficult time if they try to falsify your claim, but you could potentially help your co-workers learn about the process in the case that they ever have to file a workers compensation claim or hire workers compensation lawyers.

On average, U.S. workers miss eight days of work due to occupational injuries every year. While some fields are at a higher risk for injury than others (nurses, industrial workers, etc.), that absolutely does not decrease the validity of your claim. If you’ve been injured on the job, following these tips could help you get the compensation you deserve.