workers comp lawyers

In 2013, there were 327,060 job-related sprains, strains and tears; 229,190 slip, trip and fall injuries; and 170,450 back injuries. Work related injuries are extremely common, but luckily, state and federal workers’ compensation laws cover about 125.8 million employees. With the help of a worker compensation lawyer you can use these laws to your advantage, and hold your employer responsible for injuries sustained.

Workers compensation should pay 100% of medical costs, and could provide cash benefits for lost work time. Risks assumed at work may be voluntary, but you should never be held monetarily responsible, especially considering the cost of medical care and the loss of a paycheck. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, and get reimbursed for your injury.

1. Document, document, document
Take pictures, make copies of medical records, and collect eyewitness reports. This will guarantee that your claim won’t be debunked as falsified, and will help you keep your account accurate and in order.

2. Call/consult workers comp lawyers
As soon as you can, call workers comp lawyers. You may think that you can handle the claims process, but you’d be surprised at the loopholes, fine print, and red tape that can elude even the most thorough eye. Employers don’t want to give you money unless they absolutely have to, so make sure you get what you deserve by enlisting the help of a workers compensation attorney.

3. Make sure your co-workers know what’s going on
There really is strength in numbers. Not only is it in their best interest to know how your employer handles workers comp claims, injuries, and other grievances, but it may prompt others to come forward if they’ve kept silent before about injuries or other complaints. For fear of a full scale lawsuit, your employer will more likely honor your claim, and theirs, rather than face the wrath of their employees.

Workers compensation laws were enacted to protect you, the worker, from situations exactly like the one you’re in if you’ve been injured at work. Take advantage of these laws and call the local workers compensation law firm to help you follow your claim.