If you’re injured at work and want to file a workers compensation claim, you have a few options. Workers compensation should pay for medical costs for employees injured on the job, but sometimes those claims don’t necessarily go through.

When a claim doesn’t go through, it’s time to get in touch with workers compensation lawyers. But in order to make the most out of your initial consultation, here’s what you need to do in order to prepare.

Meeting with workers compensation lawyers requires you to have all of the information they might need to work on your case. And unfortunately, it may be more than you think. In order to be fully prepared, here’s what you’ll need:


    • Employment Information: It’s important to have information regarding when you were hired, your job description, and any other relevant information about your employer or your time spent working there prior to the injury.


    • Injury Information: Your lawyer needs to know exactly how and when you were injured. Try to make this information as detailed as possible.


    • Witness Information: Make a list of witnesses to your injury. The more people who saw what happened, the more evidence you’ll have to back up your claim.


    • Injury Report Information: In addition to knowing how and when you were injured, it’s important to include a note of exactly when you notified your employer and who in your company you notified.


    • Medical Information: You should include a brief summary of your medical treatment to date following the injury, as well as any related medical records, a list of medical providers, and any additional reports regarding your injury.


    • Previous Injuries: Any injuries prior to the one being claimed should be brought up as well, especially if the injury occurred in the same area or to the same body part.
    • Insurance Information: Perhaps most importantly, you need to include any correspondence from your employer and your insurance company regarding your injury. This is crucial information for your workers compensation attorney to have.

Going through a workers compensation claim may be difficult at times, but bringing the right information to your lawyer can help make for smooth sailing during the remainder of your case. Don’t forget to bring these materials to a workers compensation lawyer during a consultation.