It’s simple — if you get hurt at work, then you deserve workers compensation. This is a kind of insurance that provides financial payments to cover medical expenses, economic loss, and other damages. Workers compensation can even act as a kind of life insurance by providing benefits to dependents of the employee who died as a result of a work-related injury or illness.

However, many people are held back from filing a claim because they don’t understand how the process works. This is especially problematic because there’s a limited period of time in which a person can legally file for workers compensation. It varies from state to state, but most times it’s only one month.

If you’re running out of time and aren’t entirely sure how to file for workers compensation, here’s how the process basically works.

Notify Your Employer.

The first thing you have to do is notify your employer to get the necessary claim forms to fill out and submit. If they won’t cooperate, then contact your workers compensation office. They’ll be able to quickly sort it all out. Once these forms are filled out, it’s then up to the employer to submit the paperwork to the insurance carrier.

Getting Approved. 

If neither your employer nor the insurance company disputes your workers compensation claim, then it’ll be approved. An insurance adjuster will then instruct you or your employer on how to submit your medical bills for compensation. However, it’s not always as simple and easy as that. Your employer may try to fight your claim to save some money. The best way to fight back is to have proper documentation for the expenses you claim.

Receiving Additional Payments.

If you were only partially injured for a limited amount of time, then compensation for your medical expenses will likely be the extent of your settlement. However, if you were permanently injured, made permanently ill, or were forced to take time off of work as a result of your injury or illness, then you may be able to receive workers compensation to cover the wages lost as a result of the incident.

Getting hurt on the job is a serious matter that you need to be compensated for. This was a fairly short and rudimentary explanation of the process, but the most important thing to take away is the fact that the sooner you file a claim, the better. You may also want to hire workers compensation attorneys to help guide you through this process. Not only is their experience an invaluable asset to have during the claim process, but they may also be able to get you a bigger settlement, too.

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