While many workers compensation claims are related to those workers who have sustained work injuries from a traumatic or one-time event, work injuries can also occur gradually over time. Some of these injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss, and work-related illnesses.

Arizona workers compensation law covers those workers who have sustained a work-related illness. Yet, in order to obtain the workers compensation benefits available to them, the employee must first be able to prove that the illness they have sustained was caused by their place of employment.

Common job-related illnesses sustained by workers

Job-related illnesses are defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as illnesses caused by a harmful event in the workplace or exposure to harmful substances. Some of the most common job-related illnesses include:

    • Respiratory illnesses


    • Hearing loss


    • Skin diseases or disorders


    • Environmental illnesses


    • Chemical poisoning

Job-related illnesses are more common than you would think. In 2013, up to 3 million cases of nonfatal workplace illnesses and work injuries were reported by private industry employers. If workplace illnesses are common, how can one prove in the court of law that the illness was caused by one’s place of employment?

Proving your illness is work-related

As in the case of other work injuries, you’ll want to make a workers compensation claim as soon as possible. You’ll then want to gather evidence such as testimonies from your doctors and other medical professionals.

A workers compensation attorney can help you during this part of the process and will help you gather the paperwork necessary regarding medical exams and tests which can help to determine your illness was related to your job.

Under Arizona law, the time period between the time of recognition of the illness and the time it takes to report the illness as work-related is extended in comparison to other work injuries. This is because the law recognizes that illnesses can develop slowly.

However, the quicker you apply for a workers compensation claim the better chance you’ll have of receiving the benefits you’re entitled to. For more information regarding workers compensation benefits and work-related illnesses, contact the law offices of Robert E. Wisniewski today.