workers compensation

Your wages aren’t the only payment you receive for doing your job. About 30% of what you earn is paid into benefits like Social Security Disability and other private plans. Therefore, if you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to these benefits, even if your insurance company or employer says otherwise.

Have you been hurt while at work? Don’t let that keep you from getting the help you need. Here are three things to know about your workplace injury:

If you had a workplace injury, you’re not alone.
People who suffer from workplace injuries, especially in accidents that were entirely preventable, often have one thought: “Why me?” Instead of casting blame or slipping into a cycle of regret, it’s important to recognize the facts: workplace injuries are incredibly common. In 2013, Americans missed work due to a total of 917,100 occupational injuries and illnesses, averaging about eight days away from work per person. Of the total, 327,060 of those injuries were sprains, strains, and tears; another 229,190 were slip, trip, and fall injuries, and 170,450 were back injuries.

Some jobs hurt more than others.
Naturally, the more you have to stand, walk, bend, stoop, and lift heavy objects, the more risk you face in getting an injury. With those movements also comes the increased chance of having to file a workers compensation claim or talk to a workers compensation attorney. You might be surprised, however, which industries have the most injuries. Construction workers would be an obvious choice for those most likely to get hurt on the job. While they do face considerable hazards and may become more seriously injured than those in other lines of work, it turns out that nursing assistants and orderlies are actually three times more likely than construction workers are to face back and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Help is available in case you get hurt.
Many people think they have to face the aftermath of a workplace injury alone. However, that’s not true. Workers compensation lawyers are available to help you should your employer or insurance company deny your claims. If you need to hire workers comp lawyers, don’t hesitate. The sooner you are able to receive the funds you need, the faster you can get back on your feet and making a living once more.

Have more questions about workers’ compensation and other issues related to workplace injuries? Don’t wait around. Call us today for more information, so you can get on the road to recovery.