FAQ: Filing AZ Workers Comp For An Occupational Illness

Many workers compensation claims are related to workplace accidents. For instance, there were up to 229,190 slip, trip, and fall injuries throughout 2013. However, workplace illnesses are actually just as common as workplace injuries. And because these illnesses often develop very slowly over time, they often go unreported.

An employee filing for workers comp needs to be able to prove their illness is definitely the result of their workplace. Consider the following information on job-related occupational illnesses to begin your own process of filing an Arizona workers comp claim.

How are occupational illnesses defined?

An occupational illness is defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as an illness that’s been caused by an event or exposure to substances while on the job. In the state of Arizona, an occupational illness can also be applied to a preexisting condition.

However, the preexisting condition must have been aggravated by an event or harmful substances experienced while in the workplace. For instance, an employee undergoing cancer treatment may have a weaker immune system than the average person. Harmful substances in the workplace may be more likely to affect this employee.

It’s the harmful substances in the workplace that caused the illness of this particular employee, not their preexisting weakened immune system. However, if your occupational illness is related to a preexisting condition, it may be in your best interest to speak to an Arizona workers compensation attorney.

How can I make a case for workers compensation?

The testimony of medical professionals and doctors are important in every workplace incident. However, they’re especially important regarding work-related illnesses. This is because your doctor’s’ testimony is paramount to proving your illness is related to your workplace.

Be sure to gather all medical records regarding your occupational illness. This includes records relating to tests requested by your employer’s insurer. Your employer will also be required to provide evidence related to any possible harmful substances.

What rights are guaranteed to those with job-related illness?

It’s recognized under Arizona law that occupational illnesses develop over time. For this reason, there’s a greater amount of time allotted to reported occupational illnesses compared to reporting occupational injuries.

The process of filing a workers comp claim relating to occupational illness can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, an Arizona workers compensation attorney can help you through the process. For more information on Arizona workers comp and filing a workers comp claim, contact the law offices of Robert E. Wisniewski for a consultation today.