workers compensation lawyer

Nobody ever expects to get injured on the job, but it’s far more likely to happen than most people might think. More than 917,000 occupational injuries and illnesses resulted in employees missing an average of eight days of work in 2013. At least one-third of those injuries were strains, sprains, and tears that year; meanwhile, another 229,190 were slip, trip, and fall injuries, and another 170,450 involved back injuries.

When such incidents occur on a job site, employees need to file a workers compensation claim in order to have 100% of their medical costs covered. They also receive cash benefits for lost wages beyond the initial three- to seven-day waiting period after such an injury.

Even if you haven’t yet been injured at work, it’s still crucial to know the facts surrounding filing for workers compensation. Should you ever need to work with a workers compensation law firm, here are three things you should know ahead of time:

Understand how the workers compensation claims process works before getting started.
Laws can vary from state-to-state when it comes to workers comp, but in general, you will need to notify a supervisor of the incident immediately after it occurs and seek medical treatment right away. This is important in filing your claim and working with a workers compensation lawyer later on. Additionally, a worker will have a certain period of time, usually no more than a month, to notify an employer in writing about the accident. If these steps aren’t taken, then the case cannot proceed.

Certain types of illnesses and injuries may receive special treatment.
Some conditions result from exposure to dangerous chemicals and other substances while on the job. Although they take years to develop, these diseases can have devastating consequences for a person. One common example is mesothelioma, which can arise from contact with asbestos and is especially common for those who have worked in construction or handled lead remediation projects in old buildings; this disease can inhibit a person’s ability to breathe. Coal miners may be eligible to file for workers compensation under the Federal Black Lung Program and receive benefits under the Black Lung Benefits Act. If you believe you are eligible for these or other benefits, make sure to speak with a workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

There are a number of reasons to file for workers compensation.
No two reasons to file for workers comp are the same. Some employees may file due to employer negligence if proper safety equipment wasn’t provided on a job site. Others may simply file because they faced the true hazards of their jobs. For instance, although it may surprise some people, nursing assistants and orderlies are three times as likely to suffer from back and musculoskeletal injuries than even construction workers.

Don’t put off hiring a workers compensation lawyer if you are injured on the job. Get in touch with our workers comp lawyers, so we can review your case and get you the benefits you deserve.