Did you know that in 2013, men and women missed an average of eight days of work due to occupational injuries? It might not seem surprising, given that occupational injuries happen all the time, but like anything in this world, there are a whole lot of myths that people shouldn’t believe.

Myths can be dangerous, especially when they’re about injuries in the workplace. So here are a few occupational injury myths that every workers compensation lawyer wants busted.

MYTH: It’s impossible to create a hazard-free work environment.

Wrong! Many people might believe that it’s absolutely impossible to go without a single workers compensation claim or workplace injury on the books, but they’ve been fooled. Workplace situations change over time, and rather than letting them slip to the wayside, staying alert and making decisive changes can actually eliminate hazards in the workplace. Notice a teetering bookshelf? Take immediate action to fix it rather than ignoring it. Forward thinking can effectively eliminate workplace hazards if you’re constantly in that mindset.

MYTH: Safety Just Costs too Much

Initially, safety equipment and other standard training procedures may cost a little bit. But fortunately, there’s a handy tool called a cost/benefit ratio that can actually show companies how that high cost is saving them money in the long run. Without hazards, fewer workers comp lawyers will need to be paid, fewer lawsuits will happen, et cetera.

MYTH: You can’t stop accidents from happening

If you couldn’t stop accidents from happening, safety procedures and training wouldn’t be relevant. In fact, they might not exist at all. The truth is that these safety measures are designed to prevent accidents before they ever become a possibility. It is most certainly possible to prevent accidents from happening, but the issue is that many people aren’t taking the initiative to practice proper safety procedures.

Workplace hazards definitely present a danger to employee health, but so do these harmful myths. The best way to keep your workers healthy is to invest in proper safety training and equipment. With the right education, these myths won’t even be an issue in the workplace!