workers compensation

Workers compensation claims are typically filed after an injury occurs while at your workplace or while doing something related to your job. However, mistakes made before and during the workers compensation claim process can seriously damage your claim.

These mistakes are usually easy to avoid, but only if you know what they are first. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made that can damage your workers comp claim.

Waiting too Long to File Your Claim
In the event of an accident or injury at the workplace, you might feel dazed, embarrassed, or any number of emotions. But despite those emotions, it’s incredibly important to file your workers compensation claim as soon as possible. If you wait too long to file, it may be more difficult to recall details and actually prove the validity of your case as a whole. In addition, your injury could be worse than it seems and cause you more suffering if you wait.

Failing to Seek Medical Attention Immediately After the Accident
The first piece of advice that workers compensation lawyers across the country will give you is to see your doctor immediately after your accident. Even if the injury seems minuscule at first, there’s always the possibility that it could become worse over time or that you’ve misdiagnosed yourself.

Falsifying Injuries and Symptoms After the Accident
While it might seem like a good way to strengthen your claim, you should never embellish your injuries or symptoms after a workplace accident. Believe it or not, doctors may operate under the assumption that you’re not being truthful and perform several tests to determine just that. It might be tempting to exaggerate, but the truth is that if you lie and your doctor discovers it, then it could very well be the end of your workers comp case.

Workers comp covers 100% of medical costs for injured workers and offers payment during your time off, but the key to a successful workers comp claim is sticking to the truth. If you’re injured on the job and avoid making these mistakes in your workers comp case, then you’re sure to be compensated for all of your injuries.