When suffering an injury on the job, worker’s compensation will pay 100% of the medical costs and provide you with cash benefits as compensation for lost time at work after a waiting period between 3 to 7 days. However, the only thing more important than filing for worker’s compensation in the event that you have suffered an injury while on the job is knowing how to file.

Worker’s compensation works differently from state to state. Knowing how worker’s compensation benefits work in your state is important to your medical coverage. The following tips will provide you with the right knowledge to file for worker’s compensation in the state of Arizona.

Know your eligibility

As long as you’re an employee of your current workplace, you have worker’s compensation coverage regardless if you work full-time or part-time. All Arizona employers are required to provide you with worker’s compensation coverage. However, if your employer has failed to provide you with coverage, the Industrial Commission of Arizona, or ICA, will gladly secure you with benefits.

Know what counts

Do not wait to file a workers compensation claim because you are afraid you will not be covered due to being at fault for your injury. Worker’s compensation benefits apply to workers who have suffered from injuries that were both the worker’s fault and the workplace’s. Therefore, do not allow your hesitancy to cost you potential coverage.

File as soon as possible

Inform your employer of your work-related injury as soon as you are able as they are required to report your injury or illness to the ICA. Additionally, you must also report to the ICA and file a Worker’s Report of Injury within one year of receiving the injury. Within two weeks of submitting your claim to the ICA, you will receive a letter acknowledging the receipt of the claim. Within three weeks of the claim going through, your employer’s insurance will determine whether or not to grant you worker’s compensation benefits.


Hire a worker compensation lawyer

In the state of Arizona, you have 90 days to file a hearing request if your worker’s compensation claim has been denied by your employer’s insurance company. Submit a hearing request form through the ICA after which you will receive a letter determining the time and date of the court appearance.

The date of the hearing is typically three months after the acceptance of the hearing request form by the ICA. During this time, hire a worker compensation lawyer to assist you in the preparation of your case and to gather effective evidence. Workers comp lawyers understand the worker’s compensation process. Therefore, a worker compensation lawyer will be able to argue on your behalf far more efficiently and effectively than you may be able to on your own.

Knowing your state and how its workers compensation benefits work for you is essential to your peace of mind. Be sure to file for workers compensation as soon as possible and to seek an AZ workers compensation lawyer through the law offices of Robert E. Wisniewski to guarantee your best chance of receiving optimal assistance.