You can bet the staff at The Law Offices of Robert Wisniewski are! In the coming months, will be focusing on the caring staff and asking them questions about their positions and how their jobs have affected their lives and the lives of others.

This week AZ Hurt on the Job’s Featured Employee is Rebecca Alberti.

We asked Rebecca the following questions:

Interviewer: “How long have you been with The Law Offices of Robert Wisniewski?”

Rebecca: “This past May marked my 26 year anniversary!”

Interviewer: What have you learned through working in our office and with Arizona Workers Compensation cases?”

Rebecca: “Working in  professional office; such as can only sharpen your skills and teach you all of the aspects of a solid working environment. Although working in the AZ Workers Compensation field has not always easy, it has been rewarding and working here has taught me how to be flexible and open minded.”

Interviewer: “What skills do you think your have gained form working here?”

Rebecca: “How to develop strong friendships and how to really help our clients.”

Interviewer: “Please describe our office in one word.”

Rebecca: “United.”

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