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Robert Wisniewski P.C. & Rebecca Alberti (Office Manager) AZ Hurt On Job

Robert Wisniewski & Rebecca Alberti (Office Manager)

AZ Hurt on 
the Job Certified Specialist – Robert Wisniewski, P.C.

For over 35 years, Robert Wisniewski has been a Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer.  He has taken great care to represent people who have been injured on the job and protect the rights of his clients, providing practical and honest guidance. As a workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix AZ. he is committed to helping clients obtain the maximum benefits under the Arizona workers’ compensation law. Mr. Wisniewski only practices one type of law; Arizona workers’ compensation.

Robert Wisniewski, P.C. Handles All Types of Disabilities

In cases of a permanent disability, you may be receiving workers’ compensation for the rest of your life.  Because of this, it is extremely important that you can trust and rely on a team of Phoenix disability lawyers that get you the results you deserve. Over the years, we have clients who were injured on the job from accidents who are still receiving workers’ compensation checks, represented by our firm. They have relied on us for many years when they have had concerns regarding their workers compensation claim.

Why is our Arizona Workers’ Compensation Certification Important to You?

Bob Wisniewski, P.C. had to become a board certified lawyer to earn the title. He stands behind his client’s as a workers’ compensations lawyer with professional, knowledgeable, and ethical standards and his team follows suite to maintain a firm that represents clients to the best of their abilities.

Because Arizona and neighboring areas of Phoenix workers’ compensation is so different, it is important to have an attorney who knows the way around the Industrial Commission and other areas concerning Arizona workers’ compensation. Mr. Wisniewski’s depth of knowledge concerning issues of Arizona Workers compensation allows us to serve our clients properly and with authority.

How We Will Help

Our Phoenix AZ workers compensation lawyers can help you file a claim, handle disputes between your employers or insurance companies, represent you in court and in other negotiations, and recommend additional resources. As an experienced Phoenix workers compensation lawyer team,

we know what it’s like to deal with an injury or illness while at the same time fighting for compensation and getting access to medical treatment. As a result, we are prepared to act as your advocate throughout the whole workers compensation process. This is especially necessary if you are still suffering from the adverse effects of the injury for which you are filing a claim.

We have the Correct Answers, Solutions and Ultimately Your Peace of Mind

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