If you’re injured on the job, or as a result of job-related activity, then odds are you’re planning on filing for workers compensation. However, difficulties and employer issues can often prevent you from receiving the full extent of workers comp benefits.

In any case, it’s important for you to consult with a lawyer in the event a situation arises that prevents you from receiving workers compensation. If you want to find the best lawyer available, here are a few questions you should be asking.

Background and Experience

As with any lawyer in a specialized field, you should be sure to ask about their background and experience with their practice. Typically, the more experience an attorney has in their field of law, the better. A newcomer to the field may not know all of the ins and outs of the field just yet.

Case Strengths and Weaknesses

While it’s important for you to ask about your lawyer’s background, it’s also important for them to know about yours. Present your case to your workers compensation attorney and once they’ve had a chance to talk with you and review your claim, ask about its strengths and weaknesses in order to build a better case.

Case Management

Case management refers to how your case will be handled by the lawyer and the other employees within their firm. To meet with a lawyer you feel is the best choice for your case, and only later find out they’re not personally handling it, can be a shock. Be sure to ask up front which of the lawyers at a firm will be handling your case. If the answer isn’t one you’re comfortable with, then it may not be the right firm for you.

Legal Fees

Before you decide to hire a particular lawyer, it’s essential that you have a sound understanding of their legal fees. Most firms will have a policy that includes a free consultation, but everything after that involves big numbers. Before you get in too deep with a particular law firm, use the free consultation time to run the numbers for different situations. It’s always best to be prepared.

On average, men and women in the United States miss about eight days annually as a result of occupational injuries. While it’s important to understand workers comp, it’s equally as important to select the right lawyer to represent you.