We’ve covered two installations of the weirdest workers compensation claims, but now it’s time to focus on some of the most common claims. Although the weird stuff does happen, it’s usually only once in a blue moon. The following scenarios are the ones you should be looking out for and preparing for every day.


If you work a job where you’re constantly straining your body with lifting, pulling, or pushing, you could be at risk of overexertion. This is one of the most common workers compensation claims and often comes from those working as nurses or as construction employees.

Slips and Trips

It’s easy to slip and fall, and if it happens while you’re on the job then it’s sufficient reason to file a workers compensation claim. Workers comp lawyers see a high number of these cases that result in broken bones or sprained limbs and time away from work.

Struck by an Object

This claim is most commonly filed if an object falls off of a shelf or is accidentally dropped by another employee, causing injury. People who work in restaurants, office settings, and retail locations are often at risk for this kind of injury.

Falling on an Object

If, during a slip and fall incident, an employee collided with another object and sustained significant injuries, then it would be considered a “struck against object” claim for workers comp lawyers to handle. Office workers and factory employees are usually at a higher risk for this type of injury.

Machinery Incidents

This type of claim is most commonly filed in a factory setting or on a construction site, in which those employees working must work with large pieces of equipment to do their job. These cases can be avoided with the use of proper and consistent training on the job, as well as with adequate equipment maintenance.

On average, U.S. employees missed around eight days of work due to occupational injuries in 2013. Workers compensation claims can vary greatly in severity, but these are among the most common claims filed from the workplace today.