State and AZ workers comp attorneyFederal workers compensation laws covered approximately 125.8 million employees in 2011, but the amount of coverage received means nothing without proper knowledge of workers compensation laws in your state.

Arizona workers compensation lawyers are well aware of the regulations that govern workers compensation in that state, but you might not. So to help you be prepared in the event of an injury sustained at work, here are a few essential things you need to know about workers compensation in Arizona.

Claims Under AZ Workers Compensation

Injuries Sustained on the Job

By nature, injuries sustained at work or as a result of work are covered under workers compensation claims. Common injuries sustained on the job include, slips and falls, trips, and accidents involving heavy equipment. But if any of these accidents are the result of any drugs or alcohol, workers compensation won’t cover them. In those cases many people seek out workers compensation attorneys, but claims like that are rarely covered.

Occupational Conditions

Under AZ workers compensation laws, occupational conditions are listed as conditions that develop as a result of an employee being exposed to conditions or duties required of them on the job. They are covered under workers compensation, but they’re also tricky to discover.


If a worker dies while performing their job duties or while they’re in the workplace, benefits may be paid to the dependents of that employee, according to AZ workers compensation law.

Types of Benefits

Medical Expenses

If there are medical expenses as a result of an occupational injury, workers compensation benefits should absolutely cover them. But keep in mind that you may be required to see a medical provider chosen specifically by your employer.

Lost Wages

Short- and long-term disability benefits will cover any lost wages that occur as a result of any occupational injuries. It’s important to make sure you’re enrolled in disability benefits provided by your employer.

Death Benefits

As discussed previously, death as a result of occupational duties is covered under workers compensation. Benefits will be paid to any dependents you have.

If you have any more questions about workers compensation laws, it’s important that you seek out workers compensation attorneys who can answer them.