Reporting an injury to your employer and filing for workers compensation might seem like a fairly simple task, but it can actually become quite complex. Not only that, but mistakes made along the way could seriously hinder your case. Here are four of the biggest mistakes you should avoid if you want your workers compensation case to go off without a hitch.

No Experienced Lawyer

Experienced workers comp lawyers are your best tools when you’re filing for workers compensation. The more experience they have with this kind of case, the better off you’re going to be in the long run. Experienced workers comp lawyers will have the knowledge, skills, and finesse you need to ensure a successful case. You’ll no doubt receive a better settlement with legal help on your side.

Failing to Report

Failure to report the initial accident or injury itself could be absolutely detrimental to your case. The entire point of workers compensation is to be compensated for time lost from work due to an injury. Whether you miss two days or two months, make sure you take the time to report your injury. Employees in the U.S. missed an average of eight work days in 2013 due to occupational injuries and illnesses, and you can be sure they all reported their issues. Not only will it help your case, it will help protect your fellow employees in the future.

Neglecting the Doctor

Following your doctor’s orders after sustaining an injury is crucial to your workers compensation case. A workers compensation attorney can’t defend you very well if you’ve failed completely to listen to your medical provider’s instructions! Not only could this make your injury worse, it could ultimately cost you your workers compensation case.

Falsifying Injuries

If there’s one thing you should absolutely never do when filing a workers compensation claim, it’s falsify your injuries or exaggerate your symptoms. you might be able to lie, but a doctor’s tests won’t. The medical evidence will be stacked against you and you’ll likely miss out on your workers compensation claim.

Filing for workers compensation can be complicated, but if you have the proper guidance from a workers comp lawyer and you pay close attention to your company’s guidelines, you should be set for a successful case.