workers compensation

Getting hurt at work can be a scary thing, often leaving you without a steady paycheck to support yourself or your family. In 2013, over 917,000 injuries and illnesses resulted in missed days of work, and there were over 327,000 job-related tears, sprains, and strains. Accidents at the workplace happen more often than you think.

Sometimes you suffer something much more serious than a mere sprain, and your employer’s workers compensation insurance is not enough to account for the total physical and emotional toll your injuries took on you. In these cases, it is extremely important to seek the legal advice of a workers compensation lawyer and get the benefits you deserve. If you are currently hurt as a result of an injury at work or are just curious as to how the process works, here are three important questions you need the answers to:

What is workers compensation? Workers compensation (or workers comp) protects you in the event you get injured while on the job. Wages and salaries make up about 70% of workers comp while the other 30% of it is benefits. The purpose of the law is to ensure that any employee injured or disabled at the workplace receives fixed monetary rewards. However, the process does not always account for the pain and suffering you are still enduring as a result of your injury. It is also usually just a percentage of what you should have earned if your accident never occurred.

What do you do if you get hurt at work? Immediately file a claim with your employer and request that they refer you to a medical provider. Your employer’s workers comp insurance should be working for you, not against you, and you need to seek professional legal advice to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. Never talk to your employer’s insurance company representative without finding a workers compensation lawyer first.

Why hire a workers compensation lawyer? You are entitled to obtain a workers comp attorney regardless of your claim’s specific circumstances and level of severity. Seeking the absolute best in workers comp representation is crucial to getting what you deserve and having the financial stability your family needs to make it through this trying time. It is even more important to seek representation if you are permanently injured and can no longer work, as your lawyer can advise you on possibly filing for Social Security disability benefits.

Acquiring the most knowledgeable attorney possible to get the most out of your workers comp claim can be the difference between poverty and consistent financial stability. You deserve someone who will take a personal interest in your case and fight for your future.